Zulfikaram is 30 years old. She is a romantic. She loves to dress nicely, receive presents during holidays and she enjoys watching soap operas. Her other hobby is to cook various dishes and salads. She would very much like to learn Russian, English and French but at the moment she does not have the opportunity or the time. She left her husband and now takes care of her son alone. She has learned how hard that is. She lives with her parents and her brother and sister. She is grateful to them for raising her and for helping to raise her son. She works a lot so she does not have to ask them for money – she works at the school, sows dresses and spins yarn. Spinning is now one of her favorite tasks. By joining the spinning group she obtained a job, befriended many women and learned new and interesting things. She dreams of having her own house some day, with a separate bedroom, kitchen and a space for her houseplants, even if it is far in the future.