Mubina is 35 years old. Her mother died when she was 12. Her father drank a lot and could not take care of his three daughters. Mubina and her sisters were brought up by her grandmother. After Mubina finished ninth grade her grandmother was no longer able to afford buying shoes, notebooks and pencils and she had to leave school. Her father married two more times but both of his wives left him because of his drinking. When Mubina turned 17 they married her. This was the happiest day of her life. Now she lives with her husband's parents and has four children. Her husband is always in Russia. Seven years ago he got married in Russia, regardless of having a wife and four children at home. He comes to visit every 3-4 years and sometimes sends money. In order to educate her children, Mubina works several jobs. From 6 to 9 in the morning she works at a cafeteria and from 9 to 4pm at the workshop. She also knits at home when she receives orders from people. She was very happy when the workshop opened. The women talk with each other while they spin, share a lunch together and dance. This makes her happy to work there and takes her mind off of her problems at home. She spends money from spinning to buy clothing for her children. Sometimes Mubina tries to remember her mother, what was she like, what did she look like, some aspect of her character… but she cannot remember anything. That makes her sad. She has only one dream – for her husband to return to her and their children. But she stopped believing in dreams a long time ago, because they never come true.