Guzal is a quiet 34 year old woman. She does many types of work to support her family. She was married a few years ago but suffered in her marriage - her husband drank and beat her all the time. She thought that once they had children he would stop, but nothing changed after the birth of their son. When she realized he would not change she left him. Now she lives with her mother who cannot speak. Her father died so all the work is on her shoulders. She works in the fields beginning in early spring, sewing seeds and watering crops. In Fall she picks apricots and cotton. She also does all the work around the house. She likes spinning. It is additional work and money for her family. She enjoys working in the workshop very much – they spin yarn and discuss the village news. She uses the earnings from spinning to buy products, clothing and school supplies for her son. Her son is now a young student, and Guzal hopes that he will not grow up to be like his father, but that he will be a good person who can take of her and support a family.