Tungunoi is 18 years old and she is the youngest spinner in the group. She is a quiet, mild-mannered, unassuming young woman. She is very trusting. After she finished school she started learning how to sew and make yarn. Now she sews dresses for women and girls in the village and spins yarn. She gives all the money she earns to her mother and is very proud of being able to contribute to their family budget. She enjoys spinning and also likes to draw and listen to music. One of her favorite things is making pastries. She is also interested in Russian and English language. Her dream would be to learn these languages and travel. She is sensitive and does not like when people hurt one another. She gets very disturbed when her parents argue. On those days she does not want to talk to anyone and tries to get away and be by herself because she does not want to say anything hurtful to anyone. She is afraid that her mom might leave and not come back. She loves when her relatives come to visit during holidays and family celebrations. Those are her favorite times.