Inobat is 32 years old. She is an orphan and cannot remember her parents who died when she was two years old. She was brought up by her grandmother who gave her away in marriage. Her husband does not have a permanent job. He earns money by repairing or building people’s houses in the village. They have two sons; their first daughter died. That makes her very concerned about the health of her family. She is sad about not having sisters or brothers to talk to. The only person she can talk with is her husband. Inobat grows more than 20 different kinds of houseplants and occasionally sells some to buy clothes for her children. Inobat is a very good spinner. She spins very attentively - making quality yarn is very important to her. She likes spinning very much because it makes her life more colorful and joyful. She uses the money she earns to buy clothing and food for her children. Inobat wants to give her children the very thing she did not have in her childhood - maternal love and care that she misses even now.