Oigul is 40 years old. She is a very energetic and determined woman. In her village she has a reputation for being able to succeed in any kind of work. The project was looking for a group leader and Oigul agreed to take the job. She learned how to make beautiful yarn and organized a spinning group in the Oshoba village. Oigul is married for the second time and she has a son from her first marriage. Her first marriage fell apart because she had a very hard time living in her husband’s home with her in-laws. It is very difficult to be a daughter-in-law in her village, especially if the husband is the youngest or the only son. While the older sons move out after they get married, the youngest son and his wife have to live with his parents. The new daughter-in-law is often treated as a servant who has to do all the housework and has very little say. Oigul’s life was unbearable in her first marriage, but she never complained to anyone and did not tell her parents. Finally a friend of the family told Oigul’s father about his daughter’s ordeal. Her father brought her and her son back home and she got divorced. Oigul did not marry for a long time, worrying about how her new husband would treat her son. Finally she married another man with whom she has a son and a daughter. He loves her and is very kind to her son. Oigul is now very thankful to her father that he took her away and she was able to start a new life. She is hardworking and ready do any kind of work that is useful for the family. She grows enough potatoes in their garden to feed the family and does all the work around the house herself. Her son and husband have no permanent work in the village and travel to Russia for work every year. They used the money they earned to build a house. Because she is a very good spinner, they now have another source of income and Oigul uses her earnings to buy things for the household. Oigul is positive and optimistic by nature and does not like to talk about her problems. Her hobbies include growing flowers and she is also interested in breeding sheep. When she is happy she loves to dance. She dreams of visiting the United States.