Sevara is a quiet, mild-mannered woman. She is 38 years old. She is married and has one son and two daughters. She loves her family very much. She loves going to the bazaar to shop for them when she has money. She also grows vegetables in her greenhouse. First she did not know how to do it but gradually she learned from her neighbor. Sevara is a good spinner and she is very grateful to the project for helping them set up the spinning group. Many women in the village are looking for work and she is proud to have the spinning job. She will never forget the day when she bought a wood stove using her spinning money. Every time she and her family or their guests sit around the stove she reminds them that she purchased it with the first money she earned from spinning. She hopes she will continue to spin and buy many useful things for her house. Sevara has a seven-year-old daughter who often comes to the workshop and is very interested in spinning. She plans to teach her daughter how to spin so she can continue her mother's work and help the family and herself.