Gulnoza is 27 years old. She was married when she was 19. She has two children, a son and a daughter. Her husband goes to work to Russia every year to support their family. He works in construction and his earnings are their main source of income. Gulnoza is very good-natured and likes to joke and laugh. She enjoys shopping at the bazar, dressing nicely and going to various social events - weddings, birthdays and holiday celebrations. She also likes to garden and plant flowers. Last year all her flowers froze because of a cold spring but she is planting them again this year. She also keeps four chickens so her children have fresh eggs. Before she joined the spinning group she tried to help her family by producing tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables on their garden plot. But then she visited the workshop and tried spinning yarn and was good at it and now she is earning her own money. The first money she earned she spent on food and sweets for her children. The happiest time in her life was when she gave birth to her children, although giving birth was difficult for her. Her dream is to have her own car.