Oigul is 23 years old. She got married when she was 20 and now she has one child. When she has free time she sews. She enjoys dishes that include noodles or pasta. She hopes to live in happiness and peace but at this point she and her husband do not get along very well which makes her concerned. She hopes that in the future everything will be ok and her family will become one of the best and happiest families in the village. In her village, women are prepared to sacrifice everything for their children and their families: they will sit at home and won't leave unless their husband gives them a permission, they will not work, and will put up with anything to have peace in the family. Oigul likes to earn income by spinning. She enjoys making yarn and going to the workshop very much. She also knits socks in the evening and makes shawls from local yarn. She spent her first earnings from spinning on her baby. Since childhood she hoped to study and become a teacher. Now she hopes that at least their children will get an education.