My name is Ashambegim. I am 57 years old and live in Sezd village in Roshquala region in the Pamir mountains. My husband's name is Roshin. He works in a meteorological station in Roshquala. He is a hardworking person, kind and good natured. In addition to his job he works on our small farm. We have five children. Our oldest daughter Navruzmo is 35 years old. She finished medical institute and is married. She has one daughter who lives with us while she and her husband work in Moscow. Our second daughter is 33 years old. She finished a polytechnic institute, works in the Fire Department and lives with her husband who does not have any work. Our third daughter, Zulfia, is 31 years old. She studied biology and now works in the botanical garden in Khorog and lives with her husband (Khorog is the largest city in the Tajik Pamirs). Our fourth daughter, Sabzina is 25 years old. She finished a sewing course. She is an invalid and cannot walk since childhood. She lives with us. Our only son is 24 years old. He is also an invalid and has problems with one leg. He is a student in the polytechnic institute in Dushanbe (the capital of Tajikistan). I enjoyed spinning since I was a young girl. Now I work in the workshop. I like my work very much. We have a wonderful group of spinners and good working conditions. I also like our spinning machines, they are very easy to use. Because of my earnings from spinning I am able to help my son – I send him money. If I have free time I like to spend it with my women friends. The happiest time in my life was when my children got accepted to the university and when my daughters were getting married. The saddest moment was when our son needed money for a surgery and we did not have any. My dream is for us to be able to earn money for medical care for our children and I also hope that my yarn skeins will continue to go for export.