Khurshedmo is 37 years old and has five children. Her oldest daughter is in 11th grade. Her husband is a teacher and works very far in the Argo district of the Badakhshan province. Her husband is the only person who earns salary in their family. Khurshedmo’s brother-in-law and his wife also live with them and her husband helps to support them as well. Khurshedmo enjoys cooking for her family but she dislikes washing the dishes and cleaning the house. She does not have much free time but the little time she has she likes to spend with her children. She loves going outside with her children to visit relatives or neighbors. She also likes going to the workshop to spin – the time goes fast when the women spin and talk and she earns money for her family. It made her very happy when she succeeded in making nice yarn and heard that the American knitters appreciated her work. She spends her money to buy food such as salt, tea and oil and sometimes she buys clothing for her children. Her children are her greatest happiness and she enjoys her life with her family now that she has children. She was married when she was 13 and at that time she knew nothing about marriage and what it meant to be husband and wife. She did not meet her husband before the marriage and it was difficult for her to move to live with him and his family as they were complete strangers to her. She had her first child after nine years and that was one of the best things that happened in her life. After that she fell in love with her husband and her life because much more meaningful. Now she loves her husband and all her children. Her dream is to travel outside of Afghanistan and meet groups of other spinners and show off her spinning skills.