Avalmo is the oldest spinner. She does not know her date of birth. She was an orphan and her relatives married her to a widower who had one son and four daughters. Those children have all died, the son in the war with the Soviets. Avalmo and her husband have four daughters. This means that the women have to do everything around the house, including heavy work and house repairs. Also, in Afghanistan a son is the pride of the family and a woman who does not have a son feels inadequate as this is considered the end of the family bloodline. Avalmo's husband has beaten her and she is sad because she does not have parents or siblings to support her, but she has learnt to be resilient and patient. Her greatest joys are her daughters and grandchildren. She also enjoys visits from her son-in-law who is a very kind and generous person. He serves in the army and helps her family financially. Avalmo is always busy with different work around the house. She is especially good in working on their plot of land and taking care of fruit trees and crops. She uses her earnings from spinning to buy wool scarves for herself and her daughters, clothing and sweets for her grandchildren, and for household expenses.