Means "the flower of Wheat"


Arzongul is 41 years old, but does not know her exact date of birth. She has nine children. She already has a daughter-in-law who helps her with household chores. She is very happy for her children because they are happier in their marriages than she is in hers. Her husband does not work and they don't have any stable source of income. They raise some crops on their land and earn money from occasional seasonal work, but Arzongul is talented and gets odd jobs around the village as do many of her children. She hopes all her children will find happiness. Arzongul enjoys helping to improve a kindergarten where her daughter works as a teacher. She also enjoys meeting new, interesting people and visiting new places. She is an experienced knitter and knows how to make traditional frames for drying fruits. She prefers doing everything slowly and accurately. She uses her earnings from spinning to buy clothing for her grandchildren and to pay for household expenses.